Original Guitar Trio Tunes

These compositions are a long time coming. I’m finally happy with a body of original compositions that I don’t mind coming back to time and time again. The trio format can be challenging and I wanted to come up with my own approach. The guitar can be deceptive and sound a lot “bigger” than it really is. I’ve tried to come up with a complete guitar trio sound that’s full but sounding natural.

  1. Uniao Estacao Anthony Johnson 4:29
  2. Reunion Anthony Johnson 5:04
  3. Home Together Anthony Johnson 6:15
  4. Mississauga Samba Anthony Johnson 5:03
  5. Balenova Anthony Johnson 3:38
  6. Eternal Grace Anthony Johnson 6:25
  7. Four Storys Anthony Johnson 3:11
  8. Glory Anthony Johnson 3:55